Belly Cut Tea Advanced Formula

Belly Cut Tea Advanced Formula

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Belly Cut Tea Advanced Formula is especially upgraded with legume concentrated essence that brings more significant result of bowel movement and more remarkably accelerates burn excessive fats on belly than the original. Belly Cut Tea contains 100% natural ingredients. It adopts the innovative concept of "Herbs in Tea Formula" without western medicine for safe drinking. It is suitable for those who work prolonged hours in the office, who has bowel movement problem, who lack exercise and who are suffering from overweight.

The upgraded formula is enhanced with legume concentrated ingredients. Legume effectively eliminates excessive water from the body, which is beneficial for keeping bowel and urine movement healthier and stimulating the lymphatic circulation in order to perform an efficient intestinal cleansing. It results in acceleration of the accumulated toxin excretion out of the body. It is particularly ideal for those who have dropsy and fat body with fat belly to trigger the stubborn fat burning. Legume is also functional for strengthening immune and metabolism system.


Ingredients: Legume (contains soybeans), Barley (cereals containing gluten), Cassiae polyphenols (contains soybeans) and Mulberry Leaf Extract
Prepartaion: Recommend 1 tea bag a day; 2-3 cups of tea can be made by each tea bag
-Pregnant and breast-feeding women are not advised to take this product
-If you are hypersensitive to ingredients, please do not take this product
-If you are a child or are suffering from chronic diseases, please consult doctors before taking this product.
Storage: Store in dry and cool place and keep out of reach of children
Packing: 20 tea bags per box, 4g per tea bag


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