Terms & Conditions of Longfar’s Membership

  1. These terms and conditions form the agreement between all applicants and members of Longfar’s Club (who are deemed to have read, agreed and accepted all of these terms and conditions) ("you"/"member" as the context may require) and Long Far Herbal Medicine Mfg. (HK) Ltd  ("we"/"us"/"Long Far", as the context may require) in relation to the Longfar Club membership benefits' program ("Program") operated by Longfar. These terms and conditions shall be effective on upon being published online. Longfar may, at its sole and exclusive discretion, change, amend, modify, add, and/or remove any part of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. You may access Longfar’s website (, or make enquiries with Longfar, for obtaining and checking the most updated version of these terms and conditions periodically.
  2. "Bonus Points" means the bonus points to be awarded to you under the Program when you make purchase at Longfar’s shops in Hong Kong and the consignment counters which Longfar maintains in large chain stores in Hong Kong.


1.  Longfar Club members may enjoy benefits such as accrual of Bonus Points and other benefits as Longfar and Trade Partners may announce from time to time.

2.  To apply for Longfar Club membership, a purchaser will need to submit the prescribed form and provide the requested Personal Data (as defined below) and documents for processing and approval.

3.  A membership card will be issued to an approved member. The membership card is not transferable and shall only be used by the registered member.

4.  Longfar Club memberships are available for private individuals aged 18 or above. If you are under 18 and wish to become a Longfar Club member, you will need to obtain prior approval of your parents or legal guardian before applying for Longfar Club membership.

5.  The membership card remains the property of Longfar and must be returned upon termination of membership or otherwise upon Longfar's request. Misuse of membership card or benefits may result in termination or suspension of membership, or withdrawal of benefits.

6.  If your membership card has been lost or stolen, you should report to Longfar immediately. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage that you may suffer in relation to the lost card.

7.  Member shall make sure that the membership password will not be disclosed to any unauthorized parties. Longfar will not be responsible for any consequence of an unauthorized use of the membership card or password.

8.  Customers purchasing Longfar’s product can above can apply for Longfar Club membership.

9.  The records held by Longfar shall be treated as conclusive evidence of the Bonus Points transaction details (amount accrued, dates of accrual, amount used for redemption, dates of redemption, remaining balance etc.) recorded in a member's account. Longfar may at any time correct the Bonus Points shown as credited to a member's account without any prior notice.

10.  If a member is not properly credited for Bonus Points within 3 months of the transaction, the member may claim an adjustment within 6 months of the transaction by sending a written request, together with the original transaction receipt and membership number to Longfar.

11.  If a member has several accounts opened under his or her name, Longfar has the sole and exclusive discretion to decide whether the subsequent repeated accounts together with the Bonus Points accrued in those accounts will be cancelled altogether, or the repeated accounts will be merged with the primary account and the Bonus Points be combined together all in one single account.

12.  Upon the cancellation of a membership account (except when it is due to a merger with other accounts), the Bonus Points already earned in the cancelled membership account which have not been redeemed for Longfar  will also be cancelled simultaneously, and cannot be used for redemption after the cancellation of the account.

13.  Longfar reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute the redemption conditions and members' benefits at any time without notice.

14.  Bonus Points accrued in members' accounts are not the property of members and have no cash or monetary value. Bonus Points are not transferable or assignable to others.

15.  For benefits offered by our Trade Partners to Longfar Club members, and the rules, terms and conditions which apply to those benefits, please consult the respective Trade Partners.

16.  Rewards and benefits offered during one-off promotions will be governed by the rules, terms and conditions of the specific promotion and may expire after the end of the promotion.



Personal Data & Consents

1.  In order for you to be a member of the Longfar Club and enjoy benefits under the membership, it is necessary for you to provide us with your personal information ("Personal Data"). If you are unwilling or unable to provide full and accurate Personal Data as requested by us and our Trade Partners, we may not be able to process, approve or continue to provide the services under the Program to you.

2.  We are committed to the safe guarding of the privacy of individuals with respect to personal data. Our policies and practices with respect to the collection, use, retention, disclosure, transfer, security and access of Personal Data are governed by the laws of Hong Kong and are as set out here. Your access and use of our services under the Program signifies your agreement to be bound by this privacy policy. If you do not agree to the same, you shall discontinue your Longfar Club membership and any service under the Program.

3.  The Personal Data we may request may include, but not limited to, your name, gender, age, identity document number, telephone number, fax number, home address, email address, credit card information, education level, occupation, household income, interests and favourite activities etc. If you are under the age of 18, consent from your parent or guardian is required before you give us any personally identifiable information.

4.  You agree that your Personal Data provided by you to us may be used and retained by us for the following purposes and for other purposes as shall be agreed between you and us or required by law from time to time:
a.  providing services to you,
b.  marketing of goods and/or services by us, our Trade Partners, our agents or our subsidiaries or ouraffiliated or associated companies,
c.  rocessing of any benefits arising out of or in connection with your longfar Club membership,
d.  analyzing, verifying and/or checking of your activities, credit, payment and/or status in relation to theprovision of services,
e.  enabling us and our Trade Partners to comply with our obligations under the relevant laws and regulationsor other industry practices.

5.  We retain records of your Personal Data for a reasonable period. You have the right to:
a.  check whether we hold any of yourPersonal Data;
b.  access your Personal Data held byus;
c.  require us to correct any Personal Data which is inaccurate;
d.  ascertain our policies andpractices (from time to time) in relation to Personal Data and the types ofPersonal Data held by us. We have the right to charge a reasonable fee for theprocessing of any Personal Data access request. All requests for access to or correction of Personal Data or information regarding policies and practices andtypes of Personal Data held should be in writing and addressed to our Longfar Club Support (Mailing address: Rm 3007A-B, 30/F., Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong; Hotline:(852)3602-2888 ; Email:

6.  We may disclose and transfer your Personal Data (whether in Hong Kong or abroad) to our affiliated or associated companies, our Trade Partners and to include that Personal Data in one or more databases held by us, our Trade Partners, or our affiliated or associated companies for the marketing of goods and/or services by us and/or our affiliated or associated companies, and our Trade Partners, and for the performance of procedures for comparing Personal Data with other information supplied by you to us and/or our affiliated or associated companies and our Trade Partners for the above purposes. If you do not wish to receive marketing information from us or our Trade Partners, please inform our Longfar Club Support (contacts above) about the same.

7.  If you do not want to have your information disclosed to any third party, please write to our longfar Club Support (contacts above).

8.  By applying and maintaining a membership with longfar Club, you expressly
a.  consent to our and our Trade Partners’ continuous sending of commercial electronic messages to the electronic address (es) and telephone number(s) you provided to us, and
b.  confirm that you have not, withina reasonable period of time prior to the sending of the message(s), withdrawn that consent. You acknowledge and agree that the above express consent represents a valid consent under Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance(Cap. 593) and related regulations and codes. If you do not agree to our or ourTrade Partners’ sending of commercial electronic messages to you, you have the duty to inform us your withdrawal of this express consent in writing.



1.  Except to the extent prohibited by applicable laws, longfar and/or its affiliates and our Trade Partners make no representation and warranty, either express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including without limitation to warranties or representations with respect to the reliability or fitness for a particular purpose of the goods, services or rewards provided by longfar.

2.  All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for membership, membership privileges, eligibility and accrual of points or redemption of rewards, and the construction of these terms and conditions will be resolved or decided by longfar at its sole and exclusive discretion. Longfar reserves the right to make final and conclusive decisions in relation to these matters, and such decision shall be binding upon member.

3.  These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong SAR.

4.  These terms and conditions are not intended to limit in any way a customer's rights under consumer protection statutes. If any part herein is deemed invalid, void or unenforceable by a court for any reason, such part shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of other parts. Section headings are for reference only.

5.  These terms and conditions with the latest effective date posted online  shall prevail over previous versions. If there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

(Last updated on 5 May 2021)