Company Background

In order to enhance the operational foundation and further develop long-run business opportunities, Long Far progressively seeks for cooperation with Chinese medicine experts and professional research & development institutes in looking set for widening product range and promoting product quality.



To secure the supply of pollutant-free natural Chinese herbs and the highest standard of product quality, Long Far has acquired a GMP standard-compliant pharmaceutical factory and a natural Chinese herbal raw material production base of GAP standard respectively.



With the effort devoted in years, Long Far has become a pioneer of brand name in Hong Kong. While in global scope, we have extended distribution network to Asia, Europe, North America and even The Caribbean, and the network will be ever extending to the unexplored ones.





The changes of living condition and environment have led to the dominance of aging and chronic diseases over infectious ones which had been preceding previously. Aging and chronic diseases threaten the health of mankind. People not only need devices of curing, but also a new medical mode constituted of integration of prevention, health preservation, healing and rehabilitation. Tradition Chinese medicine is just the key that can satisfy the requirements of the new medical mode. Moreover it does not comprise of substances that cause side effect, therefore it has become increasingly popular and emphasized. It provides mankind with more optimal options and furnishes the health industry with numerous opportunities.



International herbal medicine market has been ever enlarging with yearly 10% increment in sales volume. With the legal recognition status of Chinese medicine is heading for a bright future. Meanwhile natural herbal medicine has become the new hot field of development and investment of new medicines. International pharmaceutical giants, as new-jointed players in natural herbal market, have been introducing the latest advanced technologies of biology, genealogy, information science, astronautics, nano-science into the industry of modernized Chinese medicine practices.



Long Far Herbal Medicine Mfg. (HK) Ltd. looks set to continue in introducing and applying modernized research & developmnet and manufacturing technologies. We have been cooperating with universities in establishing modernized Chinese medicine assets in order to satisfy the ever-increasing demands on highest quality medicines, and extend the use of modemised Chinese medicine into the mainstream international pharmaceutical markets for promoting the overall well-being of mankind.



Established in 1998, Long Far created the trend of health by detoxification with the launch of Beauty & Healthy in the market. With the break through of traditional concept of health preservation and market rules, we guided people to the concept of health for individual and family. Health products have evolved from luxurious goods to household products for every individual.Long Far's strong presence and influence were uplifted greatly by the hot sales of Long Far products.