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Coriolus Versicolor 2

Coriolus Versicolor 2
Coriolus Versicolor 2

  • Coriolus Versicolor 2

Coriolus Versicolor 2

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Product Details

Certified by the USDA and EU, Longfar’s Superior Coriolus Versicolor  is made from 100% organic and high quality versicolor mushroom plants. Produced by one of the world’s largest GMP certified manufacturer, high concentration of Polysaccharide content can be derived to assist in strengthening one’s immune system, limiting irregular cell growth, and stabilizing white blood cell counts. 

This supplement can enhance the effectiveness of existing cancer treatments and alleviate side effects and help relief the symptoms associated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery such as fatigue, poor appetite, infection, loss of consciousness, etc. It is suitable for patients suffering from any type of cancers, viral hepatitis, or poor immune health, and can be consumed over an extensive period of time.


To ensure the better effect for this supplement, we suggest consumer to take Supreme Coriolus Versicolor 1 and 2 at the same time.  This method fits to all patient and costumers.


For health purposes: Take 4 spoonfuls each time, once daily
For therapeutic purposes: Take 4 spoonfuls each time, twice daily
Or according to the Chinese Medicine Practitioner’s instructions

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